10 July, 2014

Node.js modules to talk to Treestatus and Build API

Have you ever wanted to talk to treestatus.mozilla.org or the buildapi in your node project?  Well, now you can!  I needed to be able to talk to these two systems so I wrote a couple wrappers today for them.  If you look at the code, they're remarkably similar.  That's because both of them are basically identical.  The API methods are defined in basic Javascript object, which is used to generate the functions of the API wrapper.  Because this is a little harder to understand when trying to figure out how to use the modules, I also wrote a function that automatically writes out a README.md file with all the functions and their parameters.

Proof that it works:

They aren't perfect, but they work well.  What I really should do is split the API data into a JSON file, create a single module that knows how to consume those JSON files and build the API Objects and Docs then have both of these APIs use that module to do their work.  Wanna do that?  I swear, I'll look at pull requests!

Edit: Forgot to actually link to the code.  It's here and here.

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